Environmental Information

Help Support a Clean Environment!
ICA (International Carwash Association)

Your Individual Concern for the Environment Can Make a Big Difference! That's why it is important, as a concerned citizen, that you help protect our environment by disposing of dirt and grime on your car via proper procedures to protect our environment.

The place NOT to start is in your own driveway. Most people don't realize that washing a car in a drive way means the contaminated water goes directly into the environment or into storm drains intended for rain water. It results in pollution of rivers and lakes.

Also, precious water is wasted! As many as 140 gallons of water can be used in a 10-minute home car wash, most of it wasted. Besides that, the proper water pressure is lacking for a good job.

Today's modern technology provides professional car washes with the ability to maintain control of both the quantity and quality of water. The soiled water from the car wash is piped to water treatment facilities or runs into approved drainage systems designed to protect the environment.

Keep your car clean and save the community water supply by patronizing the professional car wash of your choice.

Your Professional Car Wash Operator Suggests 10 Good Ways to Save Water!

  1. Check all your faucets for drips. By completely turning off faucets and using a reduced amount of water for toothbrushing, hand washing and shaving, you'll help reduce your personal water consumption.

  2. Install flow restrictors or other conservation devices on showers and faucets. These inexpensive water savers are available in most hardware, grocery and discount stores.

  3. Use your automatic washing machine and dishwater only for full loads. In doing so, you'll make the most of every bit of water consumed.

  4. In removing rust-causing salt from your car, use a professional car wash. Full Service car washing uses far less water than the home wash that may result in wasted water, needlessly running hoses and tipped buckets.

  5. Take shorter showers. Long, hot showers can waste up to 10 gallons for each unused minute. Use water wisely by soaping up, washing down and rinsing off.

  6. Place plastic bottles in your toilet tank. Fill them with water to weigh them down, placing them away from operating mechanisms. In the average home, this action can easily save 10 or more gallons of water a day.

  7. Check for leaks in your household pipes, hoses, faucets and couplings. These can be found by thoroughly examining your piping and plumbing system - and is less expensive to fix than to continue paying for wasted water.

  8. Instead of hosing, use a sweeper or broom to clean the garage, driveway, floors or sidewalk.

  9. Keep a bottle of drinking water in your refrigerator. This is important in avoiding the wasteful running of tap water to cool it off for drinking.

  10. Teach your children the facts of water usage. Practicing the tips listed here will help us to have enough water for us . . . and our future generations.


To our valued customers: Thank you for your patronage.  All of our CAR WASHES remain open as long as our management team feels we are providing a safe, sanitized environment for our employees and customers. We provide a “windows up” wash experience with MINIMAL HUMAN CONTACT. See specific location on website for store hours.

What we are doing to create a safe environment for our employees and customers during COVID-19:

  • All employees wearing gloves when on site;
  • Pay stations, vending machines, vacuum hoses are sanitized between every customer;
  • Facility door handles, benches, other frequently touched areas are sanitized regularly;
  • Dog wash bays are sanitized between each use (this has always been our procedure);
  • Employees on site practicing social distancing and communicating with radios;
  • Every other vacuum stall is coned off to provide additional distancing;
  • Fast Pass (unlimited wash plan) customers will experience a “windows up” wash with ZERO CUSTOMER CONTACT—as your vehicle pulls up to the pay station, the gate raises automatically.
  • Complete decontamination/ disinfecting of the entire site is being performed before opening, at closing, and constantly throughout the day. 
  • Employees instructed to wash hands thoroughly and frequently per CDC guidelines.

We have put these procedures in place to provide a CUSTOMER CONTACT FREE environment for our customers and employees.  We will continue to monitor information from the CDC, federal and local government, and will make decisions and adjust procedures accordingly. Thank you and be well.