Dear Interested Fund Raiser Participant,

Raising the needed funds that enable your organization to operate can be difficult. Throughout the year, we at the Downtowner Car Care Center are approached by numerous organizations seeking contributions to support their financial needs. We believe our fund raising program will enable us to help even more and provide a win-win opportunity.

We have developed a program that allows you to raise money for your organization while giving the community a service they can use. We have found that the general public more readily accepts this method of raising money rather than selling candy, pizza, or asking for a cash contribution, plus your organization keeps 50% of all the total dollars you collect.

We hope you consider our program as a future fund-raising activity. We at the Downtowner Car Care Center would like to work with you in attaining your fund raising goals. If you have any questions or would like more details about this opportunity, please feel free to call us at (239) 772-2277 and ask for Troy. Thank you for your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon.

Management and Staff
Downtowner Car Care Center


  • Having an easy way to raise large sums of money quickly
  • Selling a needed service, not a product that can spoil, be bad for your health or needs to be used immediately
  • Joining forces with a well-established business
  • Having the Downtowner do all the expensive and time-consuming paperwork, coupons, etc.
  • Making no financial investment
  • Having nothing to lose, but lots to gain
  • Easy transaction - make sale, you're done. No second-trip deliveries.


  • Having a good local organization representing us
  • Having lots of salespeople knocking on doors
  • Gaining long term customers
  • Making a donation to your organization
  • Giving community support
  • Creating new customers


  1. Decide when you would like to do your fundraising program.
  2. Decide how many coupons of service you think you can sell. We have found, on average, each person sells five to ten coupons. If your organization is ambitious and thinks it can sell more--order additional.
  3. There is no up front money required. Just order coupons and determine selling period (60, 90, 120 days). At the end of selling period bring back any unsold coupons and money collected.
  4. Call the Downtowner Car Care Center two weeks in advance with your order and receive a pick-up and a date to tour our facility.
  5. Arrange with as many people in your organization who are selling to attend the tour. Everyone who attends the tour will receive a complimentary car wash.
  6. Call the Downtowner Car Care Center to make final arrangements for your scheduled tour evening. The Downtowner will need to know the number of people attending the tour.
  7. Attend the tour on your designated night, pick up your coupons.
  8. Sell, sell, sell!!!

The Downtowner Car Care Center requires that each and every organization participate in the tour. The more everyone understands our operation, the easier it is to sell the services, and the more successful your fundraiser will be.

You are representing our company along with your organization. Sales have been higher and more successful since we have implemented the tour - plus it's interesting and fun. The tour takes about 10-20 minutes.



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To our valued customers: Thank you for your patronage.  All of our CAR WASHES remain open as long as our management team feels we are providing a safe, sanitized environment for our employees and customers. We provide a “windows up” wash experience with MINIMAL HUMAN CONTACT. See specific location on website for store hours.

What we are doing to create a safe environment for our employees and customers during COVID-19:

  • All employees wearing gloves when on site;
  • Pay stations, vending machines, vacuum hoses are sanitized between every customer;
  • Facility door handles, benches, other frequently touched areas are sanitized regularly;
  • Dog wash bays are sanitized between each use (this has always been our procedure);
  • Employees on site practicing social distancing and communicating with radios;
  • Every other vacuum stall is coned off to provide additional distancing;
  • Fast Pass (unlimited wash plan) customers will experience a “windows up” wash with ZERO CUSTOMER CONTACT—as your vehicle pulls up to the pay station, the gate raises automatically.
  • Complete decontamination/ disinfecting of the entire site is being performed before opening, at closing, and constantly throughout the day. 
  • Employees instructed to wash hands thoroughly and frequently per CDC guidelines.

We have put these procedures in place to provide a CUSTOMER CONTACT FREE environment for our customers and employees.  We will continue to monitor information from the CDC, federal and local government, and will make decisions and adjust procedures accordingly. Thank you and be well.