Q. Does using a brush or sponge to wash my car at home really make a difference?

A. It sure does! When you wash your car at home, using a brush or sponge can really damage your car's finish. Tests have shown that when you wash your car with a brush or sponge, a good portion of paint can be removed. You end up with a dull, scratched finish and a lot of frustration. Only professional carwashes utilize special wash processes designed in conjunction with automobile paint manufacturers. Using the correct water volume, water pressure and cleaning solutions, today's modern carwash is the safest, quickest, most efficient way to clean your car. To prove this the Mercedes Benz Company recently performed a test in Munich, Germany by washing one group of cars 25 times by hand and another group 25 times at a professional carwash. The professional equipment produced noticeably brighter finishes than the cars washed by hand. In fact, the hand washed cars need compounding and polishing to restore their original shine. As you can see, washing your car at a professional carwash really makes a difference.
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