Q. I have soft water at my home which I use to wash my car. So why does my finish look dull and scratched?

A. Actually, there are two answers to your question. First, soft water utilizes salts to soften minerals. These salts may leave a residue that can be very harmful to your car's finish. So make sure that you dry your car completely as soon as you're finished washing it. Otherwise, the finish may wind up looking dull or cloudy. The second problem has to do with the amount and pressure of the water used to wash your car. Your hose just can't put out enough water to remove sand and dirt particles that get trapped in the sponge or mitt you use in washing. It's like washing your car with sandpaper. The Professional equipment at our carwash is engineered to provide the optimum amount of water and water pressure to best clean and protect your car's finish.
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