Q. What is the best cleaner to use to wash my car?

A. That's a tough question, since most cars are made up of a lot of different surfaces. Acrylic paint, vinyl, chrome, rubber, plastic, glass, cloth, sheet metal and other materials all demand a variety of cleaners. So let's start with cleaners that you shouldn't use. Most household cleaning products have solvents that break down the oils in paints and vinyl. Laundry detergents usually have extremely high alkaline levels that also can harm the finish. And soaps can leave the dull film. Only at a professional carwash like ours can you always get the right solutions dispensed in the right proportions. For example in the summer we use a higher percentage of insect-removing solutions. And in the winter we use added solutions to combat salt deposits. In fact, carwashes across the nation develop their own customized solution programs to best fit their area's needs. When you do clean at home, you should have a variety of cleaners on hand. Be sure to carefully read all label directions, since many cleaners can damage other surfaces. And remember, just because a small amount of a cleaner works well, that doesn't mean that more works better. The best thing to do is to consult a professional here at our carwash.


To our valued customers: Thank you for your patronage.  All of our CAR WASHES remain open as long as our management team feels we are providing a safe, sanitized environment for our employees and customers. We provide a “windows up” wash experience with MINIMAL HUMAN CONTACT. See specific location on website for store hours.

What we are doing to create a safe environment for our employees and customers during COVID-19:

  • All employees wearing gloves when on site;
  • Pay stations, vending machines, vacuum hoses are sanitized between every customer;
  • Facility door handles, benches, other frequently touched areas are sanitized regularly;
  • Dog wash bays are sanitized between each use (this has always been our procedure);
  • Employees on site practicing social distancing and communicating with radios;
  • Every other vacuum stall is coned off to provide additional distancing;
  • Fast Pass (unlimited wash plan) customers will experience a “windows up” wash with ZERO CUSTOMER CONTACT—as your vehicle pulls up to the pay station, the gate raises automatically.
  • Complete decontamination/ disinfecting of the entire site is being performed before opening, at closing, and constantly throughout the day. 
  • Employees instructed to wash hands thoroughly and frequently per CDC guidelines.

We have put these procedures in place to provide a CUSTOMER CONTACT FREE environment for our customers and employees.  We will continue to monitor information from the CDC, federal and local government, and will make decisions and adjust procedures accordingly. Thank you and be well.